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What I’m Currently Up To

R/D on Improving Fracture Recovery via Nanofibrous Scaffolds

After having explored the depths of improving wound healing via cell and tissue engineering methods (more below), I transitioned to a another methodology in which similar nanotechnological principles could be applied to help speed up bone fracture recovery.

Taking inspiration from my own life as I fractured my femur in a bike accident, the goal of my self-conducted research and development is based around using an implantable scaffold to surround the fractured bone during surgery that will improve osteoblast and osteoclast growth and eventually the scaffold will naturally degrade in the body.

Volunteering at the American Red Cross

Intake Team Leader - Managing a team of volunteers to help process potential applicants and guide them through the intake and onboarding path to find the best volunteer position for them to help support the Red Cross Mission.

Data Analyst - Supporting the Biomedical Service Line through engagement-based data analysis to help consult on areas on how to improve volunteer retention and how to increase blood donor service efficiency and diversity.

Projects I’ve Worked On

My Skills

<aside> 📈 Hard Skills

Microsoft Office and G Suite proficiency. Data Analysis. Research and Development. Project Management. Research and Development. Data Presentation. Slide Deck Design. Basic Python. Strategy. Power Platform.


<aside> 🧠 Soft Skills

Problem Solving. Time Management. Communication. Analyzing. Planning. Logical Thinking. Presenting. Leading.


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Hi! I’m Akash a 17 y/o student whose passionate about medicine and how the field can be improved with technology.

Always on the lookout for ways to challenge and improve myself. Avid speaker and athlete. Striving to be a polymath.


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